Starting to play Omaha

Posted August 27th, 2011 by LuckyMe

Alright I figured I’d make a new post since I am basically undertaking a new game: Omaha.

As some of you may know I have basically been a Limit Holdem player for most of my time playing. I decided to adventure into the realm of big bet poker as opposed to a fixed betting structure. At the moment I am playing 6 max games, for the simple fact that usually there are more tables going than full ring games.

So I might be kind of missing a step by starting out a completely new game at shorthanded tables. However I am playing low limits to get started and my experience at least from limit holdem is that a lot of players in shorthanded games play considerably looser than full ring, to the point that they open up their game too much and play too many marginal hands.

If i can capitalize on that it will hopefully be pretty profitable. My only real exposure to the game so far has been Ciaffone and Stuart Reuben’s books, along with about 20K hands at the $10 and $25 tables. I just found out today that Rolf Slotboom’s was shipped so I should have that soon, which I’m looking forward to reading it as well.

Not sure how into what I am getting into, but if nothing else I have my own place to vent about poker. I play poker mostly as a hobby, my feelings are it is better than sitting in front of a TV for a few hours. Archery is my other hobby, I have shot competitively for a number of years. Although this year I won’t have the time to dedicate to shooting like I have in the past. Hopefully next season I won’t be as busy. Either way, I have been debating whether or not to start Omaha, guess we’ll see how it goes.

Alright since this is supposed to be based mostly on Omaha, I have to have this in here, so I don’t need to go hunting for it. It is not mine and it might be posted on here too. But I believe it was taken from someone else’s poker blog. But I get a kick out of it every time I see it, so without further delay.

This game is really scummy, and well above what I can afford to play. My entire bankroll is riding on this one session going well. This is Teddy CIA’s place, where they only play Pot Limit Omaha, the most sophisticated game in Europe.

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