Addiction lawsuit

Posted May 5th, 2011 by LuckyMe

Have you ever heard about Arelia Taveras? No?

Then you are surely going to hear about her in the nearest future. Recently she has become the most famous, high-profile, New York lawyer after making a gambling debt worth $1 million. The most interesting thing about this case is that Taveras has made this debt using the money which she had stolen from her clients. Today she wants to regain the money by suing the casinos for making her addicted to the whopping $20 million, all-night gambling marathons.

This ill-fated event proves that the U.S gambling industry instead of being banned should be immediately regulated as is the case in other countries such as France. There if you use a code marketing pokerstars, you get a 100% bonus for playing at, and this is perfectly legal. Regulation in the US would help make the online casinos fair and responsible for their clients. Ineffective tracking of gamblers who frequently visit land-based casinos would finally go out of date.

But Taveras will probably get nothing. The lawsuit has just been filed. Now only time will tell whether the judge will have the courage to announce a settlement. Many people cannot believe that such an event accomplished a case in a court.

Taveras harbors a grudge against casinos that they did not stop her from bankruptcy, though they had seen how much and how frequently she did loose. As far as we know some of those gambling sessions took place during the whole night. But Taveras naively thinks that she can accuse the casinos of not protecting her form herself, even when she wanted to commit a suicide.

Although people enter the game on their own responsibility, the casinos should take care of their players, and try to protect them; hence there is a grain of truth in Taveras’ claim. But there is no excuse for playing at the casino with stolen money. Therefore it seems that the lawsuit should be thrown to the bin right away.

Those people who have a weak personality and who easily get addicted should treat Taveras’ story as a warning against gambling.

The Internet technology is not like most of the ill-informed politicians consider it to be. It is sophisticated enough to provide its users with an effective systems that would prevent the underage and solve most of the gambling issues.

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