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Posted October 14th, 2010 by LuckyMe

If you like casino games, you will often hear the expression ‘good luck’.

But what is luck? Is there a scientific definition of luck?

According to the specialists in statistics, whether the misfortune of having cancer or win the lottery, it is always a random event.

Sometimes statisticians are unable to model the causes of an event: when you flip a coin for example, a frequent reference in online gambling like in the ‘coin flip’ lingo used in poker, you do not control how the coin is flipped. It is always an admission of helplessness.

Luck does not exist then? For the scientist the answer is clear: there is no such thing as luck, and ‘good luck’ does not mean anything. Each time you play the lotto, all combinations have a chance to get out. If some win, it is simply due to chance. Winning the lottery is simply living one event among several million possible.

In the scientific sense, this should not happen. But how do we explain extraordinary events, either positive or negative? We are constantly faced with an infinite number of possible events from which very few occur, but they are the ones we are talking about. Take the September 11 attacks. Some people went to the World Trade Center that day without planning for it. Should we conclude that they have had bad luck? Probably not.

These events have struck because of to our vision of reality, as we naturally focus on the number of deaths and not on the number of people who remained alive. The difference between luck and chance in the way of seeing things.

In the game of lotto, people talk about random chance when the jackpot is awarded to an unknown, but talk about luck if it is assumed that the winner was ‘chosen’. Luck is in the domain of belief and faith. It is reassuring to think that we live in a regulated system rather than in a world dominated by chance, but the vision of science is quite different.

Lucky or not, everyone can win. Can luck be caused? In genetics, it is observed that the species that survive are the ones taking risks. Luck can be courted, and playing is the only way to win. By the way use the pokerstars bonus code 2014 and there is no need for luck to make money with it.

But a bettor who knows horses well has more chance of winning than one who plays the birthday of his grandmother. Is there therefore a rational way to play? Of course! But certain rules must be respected. Most importantly stop believing in good fortune and assess the risks of events when you play online casino games. Then, you will not be surprised by the outcome, either way.

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