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Posted April 14th, 2010 by LuckyMe

First, before I get to today’s post, I have started playing poker again. Yes this is my main hobby and I cannot get rid of it.

Right now I am playing at Carbon Poker where I got a great rakeback deal. Since I cashed out about $50k over the last six months, I have hardly any money online. I made a $900 deposit which I have run up to $5k now at Carbon Poker. My goal is to grind it back up to about 10k and then get back on Full Tilt Poker soon.

If I get frustrated grinding NL200 and I am crushing it, I will probably just wire over $20k to full tilt to start there playing again. I am considering high stakes ring games again, I think it will be hard but doable. I think I can put in enough hours to make a good profit, I do not know if I can deal with the swings and playing that many tables profitably.

But if i do go to the full tilt high stakes tables, I only need a small win rate like 0.5 pt to make $130k a year. Which is pretty decent, considering my win rate over the last 200k hands 8 tabling is like 2.5pt. I really think its doable for me. I just need to get some more practice in, I will probably be 12 or 14 tabling towards the end of the year and using pokeredge.

As far as my Hold’em ebook goes, I have been working on it a little bit. I have my writer Mike working on it a lot more than me. At the moment it does not make sense for me to work full time on it, so if I can grind a good earning consistently more than I am paying my writer, I am not losing a lot of money. Hopefully things will start picking up, once there is more content I will probably start to market it more. We also managed to get a killer interview with an excellent poker player, and this will add a lot of value to the ebook

Catch you all on the flip side,

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