My poker story

Posted September 25th, 2009 by LuckyMe

Most days I sit down for a nice two to four hour session of online poker, take a good long dinner and coffee break, then come back for another three or four hour session to get the hours in a way that I feel best about it. I find the second session generally goes better for me than the first session, I fall into my groove faster. Sometimes I can’t find a table that looks juicy enough for me in the second session and I wind up watching cartoons.

The point is: the hours can be achieved even if they aren’t all at once, and you shouldn’t try to push the issue and force out hours, but find a way to comfortably put them in. I’m pretty sure I still have the record for laziest poker pro, clocking in at around 16 hours a week, trying to make it 20 now. I play at lots of sites and lots of limits, and even have a large portion of my pokertracker hands at another computer, so no sample size is really very significant. Full Table? Shorthanded? I really forgot how to play well at a full table thanks to the massive amounts of shorthanded I’ve been playing.

I played about 2 hours of $10/$20 (6 max) on 3 tables at PokerStars. I finished up $406. I struggled for quite a while but was able to make a nice profit near the end of the session. I think I might just put in 1 more short session tonight. I am doing more than $15/hr four tabling (almost 4tabling, sometimes i just play my regular 3) the NL$50 tables. I wonder if I could have this winning rate and the $400NL tables….that would be nice.

Basically I took $200 from my job and deposited on Paradise Poker and slowly lost it. I then deposited $260 on Party Poker and slowly lost it. I I then deposited $200 on Party Poker again and in very very large part thanks to studying PLO more seriously, I was able to start turning a profit and building a bankroll. It should also be noted that I am not as good as this makes me seem, I’ve been running very well for about 2 and half months now. Solid is really not a good definition of my play in anything but multi table tournaments when my table isn’t playing tight. I play more hands than the fish and I put in more bets than the maniac.

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